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Asian Literature Project "YOMU" / Thailand


March 1, 2022: Hybrid Print-News-Social Media and the Rise of the Thai Youth Movement in the 2020s (Report)

February 22, 2022: The Myth in Thailand of What It Means to "Read" (Report)

February 8, 2022: Three short stories are now available!

Portrayal of Today's Thailand in Literature

Thailand has seen a surge in COVID-19 infections since April 2021 due to the massive spread of the delta variant of the coronavirus. In July, the nation's capital, Bangkok, and many other areas were effectively placed under lockdown. The low rates of the fully vaccinated and the deteriorating economy have translated into growing public anxiety and discontent, leading to a rapid resurgence of anti-government protests and government criticisms in the months following July.
The Asian Literature Project will introduce the works of three promising young writers, each with their own unique approach. Written during the month of August 2021, a time when both case numbers and street demonstrations were raging, their stories depict the current instability of Thai society and the people living in it.

All works were written in Thai. Prapt also uses the dialect of the northeast (Isan) region of Thailand in his work.

Literary Arts Scene in Thailand