Transcending national boundaries,
the Japan Foundation Asia Center carries out
cultural exchange programs to build up heart-to-heart
relationships between people and enrich the future of Asia.


Call for Applications Grant & Fellowship Programs

The Japan Foundation Asia Center offers grants for individuals and organizations whose project objectives align with the Asia Center’s goals, which is to foster mutual trust among neighbors within Asia through cultural exchange and collaboration. At present, we accept applications for the following three programs. Applications must arrive no later than June 1, 2016.

Grant Program for Enhancing People-to-People Exchange

For Japanese organizations, this grant program will partially cover the costs of cultural exchange projects on grassroots or regional levels which are aimed at expanding the base for exchange and to promote understanding and friendship among the people of Asia.

Eligibility: Non-profit organizations from Japan
Project Duration: Projects that commence after October 1, 2016 and are completed by March 31, 2017
Grant Coverage Items:
Costs of the following categories will be partially covered:
1. Travel (International and/or Domestic)
2. Accommodation
3. Venue Use and Loan of Equipment

Grant Program for Promotion of Cultural Collaboration

For organizations specializing in the fields of arts and culture, sports, or intellectual exchange in Asia, this grant program will partially cover the costs of co-productions, joint-research, and the dissemination of their achievements. Designed for collaborative projects among organizations, this program aims to encourage and develop opportunities for cultural cooperation in Asia.

Eligibility: Organizations based in 10 ASEAN countries or Japan
Project Duration: Projects that commence between October 1, 2016 and March 31, 2017
Grant Coverage:
Costs of up to three from the following five categories will be partially covered:
1. Travel (International and/or Domestic) and Accommodation
2. Venue Use and Loan of Equipment
3. Translation, Interpretation and Honoraria for Lecturers
4. Preparation of Materials, Reports, PR materials, etc.
5. Freight Transportation (Air/Sea)

The Asia Center Fellowship Program

For individuals specializing in research in the arts and culture, sports, and intellectual exchange in the Asian regions, this fellowship program encourages research outside of one’s home country to develop and expand their research and academic networks/platforms.

Eligibility: Individuals of nationals, citizens, or permanent residents of Japan or the 10 ASEAN countries
Project Duration: Short term: 21 days to 59 days
Grant Coverage:
The following categories will be provided:
1. International airfares (discount economy class)
2. Stipend (Per Diem/Per Month)
3. Settling-in Allowance
4. Overseas Travel Insurance