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Festival Tokyo Asia Series


Festival/Tokyo (F/T) is an international performing arts event that presents the diverse appeal of theatre and dance, transcending categories of artistic style or generation to pioneer new possibilities and inspirations.

Co-organized Program

This project in FY2017 ,  FY2018 and FY2019 is certified as beyond 2020 program.

"Transfield from Asia"


  • "Sand(a)isles" (Art Project)
    Directed and Designed by JK Anicoche + Rick Yamakawa
  • Fanglao Dance Company "Bamboo Talk" "PhuYing" (Dance)
    Choreographed by Ounla Phaoudom and Noutnapha Soydala
  • "To To Transfer" (Lecture Performance)
    Written and Performed by Okui Lala + Asako Taki
  • "Soft Play" (Video, Music and Performance)
    Directed and Performed by Akihiko Taniguchi


  • "Transfield" According to Critics
    Guest: Tetsuya Ozaki, Nabilah Said, Yuka Sugiyama
  • The Brunei Art Scene
    Guest: Lisa Ahmad
  • The Future of "Transfield" as Seen from Southeast Asia
    Guest: Sasapin Siriwanij

Asia Series Vol.5 Trans-fields

  • Opening Program "MI(X)G" (Dance)
    Conceived and Directed by Pichet Klunchun
  • Swapnadal "Tringsha Shatabdee (30th Century)" (Theatre)
    Adapted and Directed by Zahid Repon Written by Badal Sircar
  • "BonnPhun in Tokyo" (Music, Dance etc.)
    Curated by Lomorpich Rithy
  • "Fields: Phnom Penh" (Exhibition etc.)
  • "Beyond Borders – Past and Future of the Asia Series" (Talk, Film etc.)

F/T17 Opening Program "Toky Toki Saru"

Conceived and Directed by Pichet Klunchun

Asia Series Vol.3: Malaysia


  • The Instant Café Theatre Company "NADIRAH"
    Written by Alfian Sa'at Directed by Jo Kukathas
  • "B.E.D. (Episode 5)"
    Conceived, Directed and Choreographed by Ren Xin Lee


  • ASWARA (National Academy of Arts, Culture and Heritage)"BONDINGS" Conceived by the "BONDINGS" Creative Team Written by Suri Liu
    Lecture, Director: Oi Min Wong
    Lecture, Concept: Mun Kao
  • F/T Talks Art Projects in Multi-Ethnic Malaysia
    Fairuz Sulaiman, Roslisham Ismail (Ise)

Asia Series Vol.2: Myanmar "Roundabout in Yangon"

[Program A]

The Maw Naing (performance, installations, video works)5
Nyan Lin Htet (theatre performance)

[Program B]

Thxa Soe (live music)

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