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Golden Realms: Inheriting the Panay Sugidanun

Report / Asian Literature Project "YOMU" (Philippines)

2. Webinar series "The Golden Realms: Inheriting the Panay Sugidanun"

The Japan Foundation, Manila and ThriveArt Projects, Iloilo presented the Golden Realms: Inheriting the Panay Sugidanun webinar series. These projects aim to honor and celebrate the Panay Sugidanun in the present, and celebrate the resonances in oral literature between Japan and the Philippines.

Webinar 1: Telling the stories of the Panay Bukidnun

Dr. Alicia P. Magos, Professor Emerita, University of the Philippines Visayas
Anna Razel Limoso Ramirez, Project Coordinator and Senior Associate Researcher, University of the Philippines Visayas
Moderated by Liby Limoso, Visual Artist
Language: English

We invited Dr. Magos, who researched and documented the Sugidanun epic in the early 1990s, and her research assistant at the time, Ms. Rara Ramirez, to talk in detail about the rich world of the Sugidanun epic and the heritage cycle the next generation.

Webinar 2: Indigenous People's Rights Intellectual Property Rights

Speaker: Atty. Genevieve Tingson-Wuthrich, Regional Hearing Officer of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) in Regions VI and VII
Moderator: Mr. Eric Divinagracia, Director of the Dinagyang Tribes Competition 2022 of the Iloilo Festivals Foundation, Inc.
Language: English (Summary in Japanese is available)

The talk focused on the rights of Indigenous Peoples, in relation to Intellectual Property Rights. In adaptation from one art form to another, the artists behind these will inevitably take creative liberties in interpreting the work. It's crucial that the research this entails stems from a deep sense of respect and honor for cultural bearers and indigenous communities, to avoid exploitation and cultural appropriation. The talk explored the ins and outs of working with indigenous peoples with Atty. Mary Genevieve F. Tingson-Wuthrich, a representative of the NCIP.

Webinar 3: Worldviews in Conversation

Prof. Norio Akasaka, Gakushuin University
Dr. Allan Derain, Director, Ateneo De Manila Institute of Literary Arts and Practices, Ateneo de Manila University
Moderated by David Gowey, Phoenix University
Language: English

Professor Norio Akasaka of Gakushuin University will dive into the world of Tono Monogatari ("Legends of Tono"), a collection of folk legends, stories, and traditions published by pioneering folklorist Kunio Yanagita. The Iwate Prefecture, where these stories originated from, is rich with famous yōkai (monsters) such as the river-child kappa, and mischievous zashiki-warashi. The lively lore of Tohoku has inspired different cultural practices such as shikaodori dancing and other forms of honor for Raiho-shin and deities from the outer world.

Webinar 4: The Making of Golden Realms Manga

Kristoffer Brasileño, Artist & Production Manager, ThriveArt Projects MangaTeam
Mia Reyes, Artist & Writer, ThriveArt Projects Manga Team
Eric Barbosa, Visual Artist, ThriveArt Projects Manga Team
Moderated by Early Sol Gadong, Vice President of Western Visayas writer organization Hubon Manunulat
Language: English (Summary in Japanese is available)

In "The Making of the Golden Realms Manga", the artists of ThriveArt Projects shared their journey of translating the oral into visual, in order to introduce the Sugidanun to a younger audience. Artists Mia Reyes, Eric Barbosa and Kristoffer Brasileño reflected on the challenges and breakthroughs that they had along the way.

Webinar 5: Preservation of Mythologies

Prof. Yoshiyuki Iikura, Kokugakuin University
Dr. Grace Nono, Director of Tao Foundation for Culture and Arts, Ethnomusicologist and Scholar of Philippine Shamanism, Philippine Music Artist
Moderated by Prof. Jose Taton Jr., Researcher and Ethnomusicologist, University of the Philippines Visayas
Language: English

The Philippines and Japan both have rich and unique mythologies and literary traditions. Join Prof. Yoshiyuki Iikura of Kokugakuin University, and Dr. Grace Nono, Director of the Tao Foundation for Culture and the Arts, as they dive into how oral literatures evolve and adapt in the present, and how future generations can carry these on. The conversation will be moderated by Prof. Jose Taton, Jr., researcher and ethnomusicologist from the University of the Philippines Visayas.