Transcending national boundaries,
the Japan Foundation Asia Center carries out
cultural exchange programs to build up heart-to-heart
relationships between people and enrich the future of Asia.


We're inviting 40 performing arts professionals in time for TPAM2019

For TPAM 2019, the Japan Foundation Asia Center is, again, inviting 40 professionals engaging in creation of contemporary performing arts.

Another week of Performing Arts begins in Yokohama from February 9 to 17, where professionals in the field all gather to interact, discuss challenges, and build their networks.
Now in our fifth year since we began to work with TPAM in their programs focusing on Asia, we will still continue to bring the rich and diverse performing arts of Asia to a wider audience.

List of Invitees

Emily Sexton (Australia, Melbourne)
Artistic Director, Arts House Melbourne

Luiz Felipe Reis (Brazil, Rio de Janeiro)
Artistic director, CENA Brasil Internacional

Ida Patera (Brunei, Bandar Seri Begawan)
Chairperson, Brunei Amateur Dramatic Society

Reaksmey Yean (Cambodia, Phnom Penh/ Singapore)
Genaral Coodinator, Trotchaek Pneik Collective

Sormanak En (Cambodia, Phnom Penh)
Program Coordinator, Cambodian Living Arts

Annie Feng (China, Beijing)
Theatre Producer/ Critic

Lynn Fu (China, Shanghai)
International Programs Director, Great Theatre of China

Karima Mansour (Egypt, Cairo)
Founder and Artistic Director, MAAT for Contemporary Art/Cairo Contemporary Dance Center

Sherouk Abdelsalam (Egypt, Cairo)
Executive Workshop Coordinator, Cairo International Festival for Contemporary and Experimental Theatre

Frederique Ehrmann (France, Paris)
Project Director, T2G - Theatre de Gennevilliers

Katja Sonnemann (Germany, Berlin)
Organizer, AKADEMIA fuer Performing Arts Producer

Andre Tully (India, Mumbai)
Founder, Nothing Regular Media and Entertainment

Vikram Iyengar (India, Kolkata)
Director, Pickle Factory Dance Foundatio

Gita Hastarika (Indonesia, Jakarta)
Director, Kelola Foundation

Rebecca Kezia (Indonesia, Jakarta)
Assistant Program Manager, Komunitas Salihara

Huigyeong Na (Korea, Seoul)
Producer, Femi Theatre

Yi-Won Song (Korea, Seoul)
Director and Writer

Ounla Pha Oudom (Laos, Vientiane)
Director, Fanglao Dance Company

Thantavanh Sivilay (Laos, Vientiane)
Event Organizer Department, Kaona Entertainment Company

Omar Abi Azar (Lebanon, Beirut)
FoundingMember, Zoukak Theatre Company

Rosheen Fatima (Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur)
Creative Producer, Manamana Productions

Tan E-Jan (Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur)
Founder, Toccata Studio

Hector Efrain Castillo Netzahual (Mexico, Tlaxcala)
Director, Gestion Cultural Zona Centro A.C

Olga Gutierrez (Mexico, Guadalajara)
Genaral and Artistic Director, Laboratorio puntoD

Kriz Channyein (Myanmar, Yangon)
Film Director

Jovanni Cadag (Philippines, Manila)
Director of Creative Affairs, The Scenius Pro.

Micah Pinto (Philippines, Manila)
Executive Director, Para Sa Sining Collaboratory Inc.

Grzegorz Reske (Poland, Warsaw)
President, Performing Arts Institute

Marta Keil (Poland, Warsaw)
Curator, East European Performing Arts Platform

Francisco Frazao (Portugal, Lisboa)
Artistic Director, Teatro do Bairro Alto

Ekaterina Alekseenko (Russia, Moscow)
Executive Director, Meyerhold Theatre Center

Shawn Chua (Singapore)

Mateo Feijoo (Spain, Madrid)
Artistic Director, Naves Matadero-International Living Arts Centre

Dagmar Walser (Switzerland, Basel)
Department Editor, SRF Kultur Switzerland

Jarunun Phantachat (Thailand, Bangkok)
Artistic Director, B-Floor Theatre Company

Yadamin Jamsuksai (Thailand, Bangkok)
Co-founder, The Producer & I

Christopher Vaughan (United Kingdom, London)
Founder, Thirty three Thirty three

Nguyen Hong Phong (Vietnam, Hanoi)
Choreographer, Vietnam National Opera and Ballet Theatre

Truong Que Chi (Vietnam, Hanoi)
Curator, Nha San Collective