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... and Action! Asia#05: Short documentaries jointly made by film study students in Indonesia are now available online

The Japan Foundation Asia Center is pleased to inform that short documentaries produced at the collaborative workshop program "… and Action! Asia #05: Exchange Program for Students in Film Studies" are now available online. Since 2015, the Japan Foundation Asia Center has carried out this program inviting students majoring in film studies from Japan and Southeast Asian countries with the aim of fostering mutual understanding and nurturing global views to enrich their creativity.

For its fifth edition, the program was held from March 1-14, 2019 in Jakarta, in collaboration with the Jakarta Institute of the Arts. At the workshop, 21 students and 8 instructors in film studies from Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Japan collaborated in short documentary making, and attended special lectures by film professionals who lead Indonesian film industry, such as Ensadi Joko Santoso (Cinematographer), Tri Widyastuti Setyaningsih (Producer) and Yudi Datau (Director, Cinematographer). The short documentaries were screened at a cinema, and participants had a conversation with the local audiences.

About the Short Film Production

The project invited Japanese and Southeast Asian students in film studies to submit project plans of ten-minute length documentary under common theme "SURVIVAL". Based on the selected plans, four multinational groups consisted of Japanese and Southeast Asian students were organized to make films in Jakarta. In 10 days, they have developed the plot, filmed and completed the films.


Cinta, Sinta(Love,Love)

2019/ 9 min / Documentary

A poster of Short-film: Sinta(Love,Love)


The film explores the meaning of "Love" through three stories- one transgender individual from the Philippines, and a transgender individual and a waria from Indonesia.


Kervin Quieta (Director), Sophia Isip (Assistant Director), Taro Kawasaki (Director of Photography / Sound Mixer), Luqman Hakim (Editor), Putri Ahimsa Ibrahim (Production Manager), Carine Nabila (Production Assistant)

I'm on the way

2019/ 8 min / Documentary

A poster of Short-film: I'm on the way


The film follows two subjects who struggle with the traffic jam in Jakarta to achieve their destination every day. One is a Bajaj (taxi) driver on his late 50s, and one is a private employee who always takes a drive by her husband on her way to her office. How do they deal with this daily problem?


Herry Bhaskara (Director / Script Supervisor), Paula Nanlohy (Producer), Moeri Hirose (Cinematographer), Tran Thanh Van (Sound Recordist / Script Supervisor), Hein Thura (Editor), Muhammad Abdillah Farhan (Production Assistant)

Starling's Journey

2019/ 10 min / Documentary

A poster of Short-film: Starling's Journey


There are street vendors who sell goods such as coffee, tissue and cigarettes to people who are stuck in the traffic jam in Jakarta. Faris, 19 years old, is one of the vendors who faces the risk of the crackdown of Satpol PP, a municipal police in Indonesia. The film follows their daily survival in this rapidly growing city.


Miki Koike (Director), Htet Zin Thein (Producer), Achmad Abdul Toyib (Cinematographer), Ho Thanh Thao (Editor), M. Farhan Ananda (Sound Recordist, Production Manager), Mario Ewansya (Production Assistant)

Happy Siti?

2019/ 11 min / Documentary

A poster of Short-film: Happy Siti?


While there is a remarkable economic growth, the gap between rich and poor gets wider in Indonesia. There is a man who makes his family living as a scavenger. The film questions the meaning of "Happiness" through their surviving life.


Yuichi Ozaki (Director), Bagaditya Ganetha (Assistant Director), Fadhilah Khairani (Producer), Myo Thar Khin (Cinematographer / Colorist), Nguyen Duy Thanh (Sound Recordist), Aaron Alsol (Editor), Eileena Julinda Lyana (Production Assistant)

Behind the Scene of …and Action! Asia #05

About …and Action! Asia: Exchange Program for Students in Film Studies

This program is held with the aim of deepening mutual understanding and fostering a new generation of film-makers in Asian countries. It welcomes students who are interested in achieving a greater understanding of film-making in other countries, expanding their networks, and using their experience for their studies and future career.