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Long Review Awards "Pratthana - A Portrait of Possession"

A Call for long review of PRATTHANA – A PORTRAIT OF POSSESSION / Asia in Resonance 2019 and of the original novel.

We are issuing a call for review of Pratthana - A Portrait of Possession that answer the question: In what ways does Pratthana - A Portrait of Possession (the play or the novel titled Silhouette of Desire in English) tell "our story"?
We are seeking reviews of the play and original novel on which the play is based that take up the aspects of art history, performing arts history, social history, political history, etc.

Selected text will be translated into Japanese and posted as a special feature article "ASIA HUNDREDS" in both English and Japanese on the website of the Japan Foundation Asia Center, for viewing by people around the world.
The deadline for outline (440 words) submission is Sunday, July 21.
We are eagerly waiting to read your review!

For details, please visit the AWRD website.