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「BioCamp: Gardens as 'Biotechnik'」Report

In 2016, the Japan Foundation Asia Center launched a series of programs in the 2016 fiscal year with a focus on the digital creative scene in Asia that continues to develop rapidly and aiming to foster exchange and collaboration between nations and regions, particularly between Japan and Southeast Asia. Part of the series of programs are open-call intensive workshops, organized as opportunities to cultivate human resources and build networks between specialists in the same field as well as welcome participants from Japan and abroad with various expertise.

"BioCamp: Gardens as 'Biotechnik'" was held in Tokyo in February 2018. Its eight-day curriculum, which was put together by three directors from the BioClub and the Lifepatch – citizen initiative in art, science and technology, featured the participation of 20 people with differing specialist fields from 18 countries, including Japan, Southeast Asia, America, and Europe.

We have summarized this activity in one report. We are introducing the contents of the program over 8 days and public events. Please check it out!

Program Outline

Dates February 10 (Sat.) to 17 (Sat.), 2018
Venues Red Bull Studios Tokyo, BioLab Tokyo/FabCafe MTRL
the Japan Foundation Asia Center, TodaysArt JAPAN/AACTOKYO
BioClub, the Japan Foundation Asia Center, TodaysArt JAPAN/AACTOKYO
Digital Choc/Institut frangais du Japon-Tokyo
Austrian Cultural Forum Tokyo; metaPhorest (Waseda University); Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, Ministry of the Environment
Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture); U.S. Embassy, Tokyo
Details BioCamp: Gardens as 'Biotechnik'

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A front cover of the report


Participant Essays

  • Poliferation Diane Trouillet
  • Three Topics About Gardens Shiryu Kirie
  • Unlocking Sensibilities by Experiencing Different Things BioCamp: Gardens as 'Biotechnik' Dorita
  • Combining Science and Art? It's Brilliant! Immanuel Sanka

Facilitator Essays

  • Facilitating BioCamp as a Japanese living Abroad Sachiko Hirosue

Director Essays

  • A Diverse Commons of Garden Andreas Siagian
  • Thinking Like a Garden, Acquiring Intelligence:
    Searching for Biotechnology as Technology for Living Chiaki Ishizuka
  • Camping the Gardens of Life Georg Tremmel

Published: October 1, 2018
Publisher: The Japan Foundation Asia Center
Editors: The Japan Foundation Asia Center (Fumi Hirota, Moeko Kashima)
Translation: William Andrews (Japanese to English), Tomotaro Kaneko (English to Japanese)
Design: STUDIO PT. (Yosuke Nakanishi, Kohei Nakazawa, Koharu Nezu)