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Visual Documentary Project 2019 Announcement of Winners

Visual Documentary Project 2019 received more than 100 wonderful works from across Southeast Asia under the theme of "JUSTICE" this year. Out of 100 works, following 5 successful documentaries are selected. We will screen those works in Kyoto and Tokyo this December. Also, directors and team members will be invited to Japan for the screening and have a talk and discussion with commentators.


  • Unsilent Potato
    Directed by Sein Lyan Tun
    Produced in Myanmar
  • An Unquiet Land
    Directed by Ly, Nguyen Thi Khanh
    Produced in Vietnam
  • Katong Gabii (That Night)
    Directed by Jeremy Luke Bolatag
    Produced in Philippines
  • Through Songs, We Share Stories
    Directed by Dony P Herwanto
    Produced in Indonesia
  • Screaming Goats
    Directed by Thunska Pansittivorakul
    Produced in Thailand

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