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Music Program: Partner Program with "Indonesian Netaudio Festival 2018-Sharing Over Netizen Explosion"


The Japan Foundation Asia Center's ref:now—toward a new media culture in asia comprehensively showcases contemporary media culture and creativity through art, exchange, education, and collaboration. Shining a spotlight on the creative scene in Asia against the backdrop of the region's rapid development and advances in information technology, the project fosters intergenerational dialogue and partnership across exhibitions, workshops, symposia and performances that introduce the innovative fusion of technology and art that is new media art as well as trends in pop culture and music following the emergence of the Internet. Since the 2017 fiscal year the project has aspired to cultivate new platforms for media culture in Asia in cooperation with festivals and events in ASEAN members.
As part of this ongoing project, the Japan Foundation Asia Center now presents a special exhibition and music program in association with Indonesian Netaudio Festival 2018. Featuring artists from Japan and Indonesia whose work demonstrates unique approaches enhanced by technology, the exhibition and the concert explores various interdisciplinary forms of media and art such as video, sound, sculpture, photography, and performance. The project introduces prominent examples of dynamic culture in our network society as well as individual creativity that is strikingly synthesized with media technology.

Exhibition"Internet of (No)Things: Ubiquitous Networking and Artistic Intervention" ⇒

Music Program [Main Stage]: Partner Program with "Indonesian Netaudio Festival 2018-Sharing Over Netizen Explosion"

Date&Time 18 to 19 August 2018, 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Venue Special Stage at the Jogja National Museum
Admission Free
Performances [Japan] Hifana
[Indonesia] Senyawa, Barakatak
Organize Japan Foundation Asia Center
Production Indonesian Netaudio Festival 2018
Festival Website Indonesian Netaudio Festival

Director Profile

Wok The Rock

Wok The Rock is an artist live and work in Yogyakarta. His works are spanning across contemporary art, design and music. He is interested in experimenting with collectivism, interdisciplinary works, and interventions in contemporary culture by using curatorial aesthetics as a speculative platform for his artistic practice. He is known for his internet-based music label Yes No Wave Music where he promote and distribute music as an open-sharing platform; curating experimental music concert Yes No Klub; a member and director of artist-run-space Ruang MES 56. He was the curator of Biennale Jogja XIII 2015. In 2012 with some of his fellow netlabel producers he initiated Indonesia Netaudio Forum and organized Indonesia Netaudio Festival in 2012 and 2014.

Artist Profile



Hifana is a breakbeats duo formed in 1998 by KEIZOmachine! and JUICY. They have a unique style of performing in which, without using programing or sequencing, they perform in real time with beats made on sampler pads with scratching, percussion and other sounds added on top. The fusing of music and visuals by VJs invited from GROUNDRIDDIM is also one of Hifana's hallmarks. They abundantly use programming and sequencing to create unique sounds for musical compositions on CD and vinyl, and their music has a uniquely Japanese perspective, which is highly rated globally. In 2006, they founded GROUNDRIDDIM, a place for creators with various specialties to interact and collaborate. Through GROUNDRIDDIM, they engage in a wide range of activities— event planning, corporate advertising planning, music production, movie production, amongst other activities.



Senyawa is an internationally renowned experimental music unit from Yogyakarta. Their music hardly-described as a strange mixture of traditional music, heavy metal and avantgarde music. Senyawa debut album released for free download on Yes No Wave Music netlabel and gained international recognition where they took part in Melbourne International Jazz Festival and MONA FOMA festival in Australia. Since then they widely performed in many small and big prominent festivals around the globe collaborating and performing with notable artists such Kazuhisha Uchihashi, Otomo Yoshide, Aki Onda, Tatsuya Yoshida, Keiji Haino, Damo Suzuki, Stephen O'Maley, Melt Banana.



Barakatak is one of the pioneer of funkot music—a mixture of dangdut and house music in early '90s. Considered as a highly intense performance in the underground clubs in Indonesia but gained popularity thru the distribution of pirated VCD all over the country. Barakatak has been inactive for more than 15 years as the music industry changed rapidly. Their performance in Indonesia Netaudio Forum will be their very first reunion performance.

This is the certified project of beyond 2020 program.